Henry Chess Sets offers premium chess products including Chess Sets, Chess Boards, Chess Boxes & Pieces of all kinds which are exquisitely designed and handcrafted from wood and colored pencils. Whether you are looking for a wooden Chess set to use at a chess club or a luxury chess set to display or give as a gift, you will find it at Premium Chess. Our products are crafted from a variety of materials, including wooden objects such as ebony, rosewood, or special material: colored pencils.

Since 2016, Henry Le Design is one of the leading brand in the field of designing, crafting, and creating art-products for home décor and interior décor. Once in Henry Le Design, there would be phenomenal experience of shopping that you can bump into the variation of unique art-product.

Unique Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Set


Henry Le Design Story

Our Story

Following the success of the product serial: "Not just colored pencil" creating decorative products such as flower vases, candle holders, wine bottle and glass holders, and coffee tables from colored pencils, Henry Le engaged in chess and create “artistic and unique chess products”. We offer many choices for chess pieces and boards crafted from precious woods or colored pencils, with copper base, combined with epoxy glue. All create the uniqueness of Henry Le products.

“All I want is to make a difference in chess. I want to create chess sets not only to play, but also to become works of art that can be displayed. These are meaningful, humane and artistic gifts." - Henry Le, Chairman and Founder of Henry Le Chess Sets.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of chess products that are suitable for all customers: - Economy Standard I and Economy Resin Standard II chess sets are for everyone at an affordable price and still very beautiful. - High-class chess set made of precious wood combined with a copper base and genuine leather bottom is extremely luxurious, beautiful in every detail. - Signature Choice Chess Set: these are real works of art with creativity and beyond the stereotypes we have seen. - Décor Super Chess Sets are Super Products. The works are used for display as a highlight of space and are unique sculptures with a distinct style of Henry Le. - Themed chess sets: Empire Chess Set, Ancient Egyptian Chess Set... These are themed chess sets, each piece is sculpted according to the character's personality and completely different from each other.

Unique High End Henry Chess Sets
Wooden Color Pencil Giant Chess Set Decor

What Makes Us Different

There are so many Chess Sets in the world and a very large community that collects them. Henry Le chess sets were created in 2006 and featured a unique design by artisans Henry Le.

Aesthetically, Henry Le Chess is viral for its special material known as colored pencil. Henry Le Chess was born with the desire to create beautiful and unique chess sets. All of the products are made by Vietnamese artisans and craftsmen who are brilliant at what they make.

count on us!

Henry Le - Chairman and Founder of Henry Le Chess Sets

"Henry Le Design Team desires to bring both art lovers and artistic living space owners a highlight in their lives. When people catch a glimpse of a chess set, they may feel energetic, vivid, and vibrant in just one piece of art."

Henry Le, Chairman – Founder of Henry Le Chess Sets