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Chess is considered an intellectual sport loved all over the world. International chess tournaments are always of interest to Chess Masters and their fans together with multi-hundred thousands of dollars for the prestigious Chess prizes they win. A unique chess set with only 64 squares and 32 chess pieces for both sides is really a battle of wits and Empire construction, where the King goes step by step and is strictly guarded and the Queen is scattered everywhere, the Bishops defend and attack from both sides, the Horses represent the Knights riding and rushing into battle. The Rooks, the strong walls to support the soldiers. The Pawn, the soldiers in the front line intertwine and rush to battle so that when they finally reach the finish line, they can be conferred at the highest level worthy of their merits and sacrifices.

The way to play Chess is really how to build an Empire where each individual plays an important role and the game is an extremely important thing that needs the attention of every chess player. Chess since its appearance in the 17th century has been loved by all classes from commoners to nobles. The high-end chess sets of ancient pieces have been meticulously crafted, sophisticated, and perfectly beautiful.

Henry Le Chess aims to bring luxury chess sets designed by artist Henry Le and his team. Henry Le Chess was born with the desire to create beautiful and stylish chess sets and raise them to the level of art. All those proud artworks are designed by Vietnamese artists and crafted by talented Vietnamese artisans and skilled craftsmen. High-end chess sets, 3D chess boards, standing chess boards are not only for playing but are also works of art where the quality of life and human enjoyment are raised to the level of art. Please contact Henry Le Chess for the most unique and classy Chess artworks.




Henry Le Chess Set - Brightening Your House

The artist Le Xuan Huong dedicates his life's work to the creation of playable unique chess sets that will bring you joy, curiosity, and a sense of community. Hope you enjoy browsing our website and playing our chess games.


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International Chess Competition

International Chess Competition Standards

We are proud to offer high-quality chess products that meet international competition standards. Our chess boards feature squares ranging from 5 to 6.5 centimeters in size, while our kings stand at the standard height of 9.5 centimeters. In addition, our chess pieces are designed with a luxurious base that showcases our logo, and the material ensures smooth contact with the table surface.

Customized Chess Set

Our customers have the option to select individual chess pieces, chess boards, and chess boxes to create a customized chess set that suits their personal preferences. Alternatively, we offer themed chess sets that provide a simple and convenient option for those who prefer a pre-designed set. Regardless of the choice, our products are of the highest quality and are sure to provide an enjoyable and rewarding chess experience.
Customize Chess set
Giant Colored-Pencil Chess

Unique Chess Design

In addition to traditional wooden products, we also offer unique and innovative giant chess designs crafted from colored-pencil and light oak wood. Our Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Pieces come in warm tone, cool tone, and multi-color options, expertly crafted by our experienced artisans. Our products have been chosen by art collectors and Chess Grandmasters alike.

Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Sets | Deluxe Large Ornament Chess Pieces & Boards

New Edition: The Giant Knight Chess Piece – A Majestic Symbol of Power and Speed on the Chessboard


Fantasy & Novelty Themed Chess Sets

Luxury Wooden Ancient Egyptian Theme Chess Set


Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Sets | Deluxe Large Ornament Chess Pieces & Boards

Special Edition Giant Deluxe Resin Chess Piece


Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Sets | Deluxe Large Ornament Chess Pieces & Boards

Full Set Giant Deluxe Chess Pieces with Board – High End Blended of Wood, Resin and Colored Pencils.


Giant Colored-Pencil Chess Sets | Deluxe Large Ornament Chess Pieces & Boards

Giant Chess Pieces Decor – Set 6 Deluxe

Out of stock

Luxury Hand Carved Wooden Ambassador Chess Board And Tables

Deluxe Tournament Nappa Leather Chess Board (FIDE)


From Our Customers on ETSY


The piece was a present for Father’s Day from my boys to their Dad and I kept looking at the delivery tracker. Luckily it arrived just the day before ! I am very pleased, it looks great and rather unique. A nice addition to my partner’s office.



First, the product looks awesome! I bought a pawn that is made up of the coloring pencils. So beautiful. Second, the producer shipped the product so wonderfully. Classy even! I would TOTALLY recommend getting products from this seller!!!

Magdalena Matthes


Stunning !! A great art work. Really nice and careful seller. Everything was perfect. I love these products, I purchased four of them and I am always so esctatic about those. A really wonderful piece of work!


From Our Customers on ETSY


The Knight arrived perfectly in time and is very well made a beautiful piece of art.



Lovely item - took a while to arrive, but we’ll worth the wait. Beautifully made, looks amazing. Highly recommended artiste.



Exquisite workmanship and super fast shipping. Love it!!


From Our Customers on ETSY


Beautiful piece. Quality is fantastic. I love it!



The King chess piece was beautifully made and the shipping was fast.



Superb article, very nice rendering.

De Carvalho Ribeiro

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The Standards Of A Luxury Chess Set

General Informations

Luxury Chess Set Full Pieces

A chessboard is a square board divided into 64 smaller squares of alternating colors, arranged in an 8x8 grid. It is the essential playing surface for the game of chess.
Each player begins with 16 pieces, comprising a variety of distinct characters, such as pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, a queen, and a king.

The chessboard provides the spatial context for players to maneuver their pieces strategically, aiming to capture their opponent's pieces and ultimately checkmate their opponent's king. Beyond its functional role in gameplay, the chessboard serves as a symbolic arena for intellectual competition, strategic thinking, and artistic expression through its various designs and materials.

Deluxe Wooden Chess Set

The standards of an unique chess set epitomize elegance and craftsmanship, setting it apart as a symbol of refined taste and sophistication. Each element, from the intricately carved pieces to the meticulously crafted board, exudes quality and artistry.
A luxury chess set is characterized by its choice of materials, often featuring fine woods such as ebony, rosewood, or maple, adorned with luxurious accents like gold or silver leafing.

The pieces themselves are sculpted with precision, showcasing intricate details and graceful designs.
The board, whether it be a classic wooden board or a lavish marble and onyx creation, provides a stunning backdrop for the strategic battles that unfold upon it. Every aspect of a luxury chess set is thoughtfully curated to not only elevate the game of chess itself but also to serve as a statement piece worthy of admiration in any setting.

Unique Chess Set 1

Standard chess sets feature a board with squares measuring approximately 2 to 2.5 inches (5 to 6.35 centimeters) on each side, resulting in a total board size of around 16 to 20 inches (40.64 to 50.8 centimeters) square.
The height of the king piece is often used as a reference for the size of the pieces, with standard tournament sets featuring kings that are around 3.75 to 4.25 inches (9.5 to 10.8 centimeters) tall.

However, chess sets can vary widely in size, with miniature sets having smaller boards and pieces, and oversized sets featuring larger dimensions for a more dramatic visual impact.

A luxury chess set offers players a range of benefits beyond mere gameplay.
Firstly, its exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials elevate the overall gaming experience, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for the game. The meticulous detailing and high-quality construction of both the board and pieces contribute to enhanced durability and longevity, ensuring enjoyment for years to come.
Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of a luxury chess set can inspire creativity and imagination, serving as a centerpiece for intellectual discourse and social gatherings.
Moreover, the tactile sensation of moving finely crafted pieces across a smooth, polished surface enhances tactile engagement and deepens immersion in the strategic intricacies of the game.
Overall, a luxury chessboard enhances not only the gameplay itself but also the overall ambiance and prestige associated with the timeless pursuit of chess mastery.

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Artist Le Xuan Huong Designs Gift for the National Leader of Vietnam

Crafted with exquisite materials and intricate designs, these unique chess sets cater to the refined tastes of noble individuals, blending opulence with strategic elegance for a truly distinguished gaming experience.

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Our Etsy site includes all chess products and more. Let’s explore the interesting and unique chess collections with artisant Henry Le!

High End Chess Boards - What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Introduced in 2006, Henry Le Chess sets are renowned for their distinctive design crafted from colored pencil material. These sets, created by Vietnamese artisans, aim to deliver unique and visually stunning chess pieces, reflecting the artisans’ exceptional skill and creativity.

Henry Le Chess Sets - Our Story

Our Story

Chess: a pastime, a tactical sport, a sophisticated form of communication. It’s a non-violent competition, captivating humans for centuries. Originating in the 7th century, its beginnings remain debated, a testament to its enduring presence throughout human history.

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