A pleasure of pastime. A highly tactical sport. An exquisite means of communication. A competition without violence, combat and casualty. For humans, chess could be anything.

Already since the seventh century, the first ever documentation of chess has been introduced. It has been so long that nowadays scientists are still arguing about the origin of the first chess. Just that information to show that the tradition of playing chess has been inherited alongside the development of humankind. From the long-lasting culture of India to the Persian kingdom of silk, chess has been spreaded to every continent, every area, every corner of the world, with hundreds of variations. Regardless of royalty or humble origin, chess belongs to everyone, bringing passion, determination, and sometimes pure faith. Chess has always been a symbol of not only the will of triumph, but also the wish of peace, to solve every conflict and misunderstanding through nonviolent sport.

Since the start of their artistic career, Henry Le and team Henry Le Design have always dreamed of creating the most unique, high-class chess ever. It is the chess sets that could breathe life into wooden work, keep the burning passion, the ambition of overcoming challenges and the meaning of peace and harmony in every category of the product. That’s what makes it different from the other decorative pieces. Furthermore, the combination of distinctive crafting style and the vivid colored pencils brings a special appearance to the chess sets, which shall attract any curious eyes looking for inspiration. With the chess products of Henry Le, our beloved customers may have a chance to go through a trip of history. You shall be brought to ancient Egyptian time and visit the royalty guard troops of the pharaoh, then go straight to visit the Holy Roman Empire with one of the most powerful and ruthless forces of all time – the era which has born many of the best generals and leaders in history. Even a reference of the Seven Wonders of the World like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon could also be seen in our inventory: a unique and elegant design of vertical chess board that helps you to solve the problem of having to go back to work without finishing the game. When we hand our customers the exotic handmade chess pieces, we also wish to deliver the message from our heart and spirit, the message of love, peace and prosperity.

We are proud to bring you the most Unique Luxury Chess Sets. Our products here may fulfill all of your expectations of class, quality and elegance. From the modern colorful style to the classic, aesthetic theme, our masterpieces suit the most luxurious and central spaces. We understand and treasure our most vital mission: bring class and elegance to our beloved customers.