Engraved Wooden Ancient Egyptian Themed Chess Set

16 engraved chess pieces of Padauk Wood with red grains
16 engraved chess pieces of gray Calocedrus Macrolepis Wood with beautiful grains and fragrance
The piece’s bottom is attached with high-class billiard cloth with Henry Le Chess logo printed on it
All chess pieces are inspired by Ancient Egypt
The chess board is elaborately designed for chess pieces

This is the specially chess set inspired by the Emperors, Queens, Horses, Statues, from Ancient Egypt. Each chess piece is hand-carved with sophistication and calculated to match the chessboard and the passage throughout the dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs.

The combination of Padauk Wood and Calocedrus Macrolepis Wood creates two sides of the chess board that do not have too much of a contrast in colors, but are subtle enough to differentiate between the Cold Green Gray color of the Calocedrus Macrolepis Wood and the red color of the Padauk Wood. The chess pieces on both sides are beautifully crafted.
This is a chess set designed by Henry Le Team and finely chiseled by skilled craftsmen. This is a collectible and unique chess set, different from the usual traditional chess set.

The Ancient Egyptian chess board is designed with chess pieces to create harmony and transparency between the chessboard and the pieces. However, this set of chess pieces can also be displayed with chess boards such as 3D Chess Board, Engraved Chess Board or other popular chess boards.